All our products are tailored in our sheltered workshop. Therefore, the warehouse stock of individual products offered in the e-shop is minimum. If you are interested in any of the products having other than standard dimensions, we will be pleased to tailor it for you. If you find some of the fabric patterns interesting and would like to have the product which we do not have on offer produced, please, contact us. The majority of the fabrics is 280 cm (110,24 inch) wide and dozens of meters long, so it is no problem for us to prepare any product for you as you wish. The simplest way how to get in touch with us is an email. Just send us a message to: Please, in the email, indicate a fabric code, a product requested to be tailored, dimensions, your phone number, and we will call you back to propose a solution and a price offer. If you have chosen a specific product and you only need to change dimensions, just select CUSTOM-MADE on a product page in column below enter the requested dimensions and add the product into a cart. In reply, we will send you a price calculation for the whole order and a delivery deadline.

If you are looking for any small or medium-scale upholstery work such as cushions, bench mattresses or chair seats you want us to do, as well as complete repair or reconstruction of chairs including wooden parts, please email with as much information as possible about what you want upholstered and how. Send an image of it, the dimensions, approximate wear and tear and any degree of damage to the seat or wooden parts. Based on the information you send, we will prepare a preliminary quote and date for reupholstering. We will look into transportation logistics for each larger piece of furniture separately.