Why we are here:

We enjoy producing fine, quality things that will make us and you, our customers, happy for a long time.

Why us and why from us:

We emphasise our own four fundamental pillars:

  1. Original fabric design
  2. Quality materials
  3. Detailed craftsmanship
  4. High standards for care and advice to our clients and customers

What we produce and for who:

We produce fabrics for apartments, hotels and restaurants mostly from natural materials. All materials are manufactured in Europe and further processed at our sheltered tailor and seamstress shop. Everything is produced by hand for our customers, with the stress on quality and detail, and we will make anything to order the way they want it. Several new collections are presented regularly by us throughout the year. As we have always done, our products are designed and made with love and care so they can be a part of any healthful home. Our customers always receive high-quality care.