Why we are here:

We enjoy producing fine, quality things that will make us and you, our customers, happy for a long time.

Why us and why from us:

We emphasise our own four fundamental pillars:

  1. Original fabric design
  2. Quality materials
  3. Detailed craftsmanship
  4. High standards for care and advice to our clients and customers

What we produce and for whom:

We produce fabrics for apartments, hotels and restaurants mostly from natural materials. All materials are manufactured in Europe and further processed at our sheltered tailor and seamstress shop. Everything is produced by hand for our customers, with the stress on quality and detail, and we will make anything to order the way they want it. Several new collections are presented regularly by us throughout the year. As we have always done, our products are designed and made with love and care so they can be a part of any healthful home. Our customers always receive high-quality care.

The story of us


  • Pracujeme na našom novom eshope, každý deň, step by step
  • Rozširujeme spoluprácu s lokálnym predajcom tričiek
  • Pripravujeme kolekciu jar/leto 2021, dúfame, že bude, nevieme sedieť a čakať


  • Survived 2020
  • Launched our new e-shop in safety mode
  • Got ready for the Christmas season, strengthened out collection and upholstery, produced custom orders and sewed t-shirts
  • Collaborated with local t-shirt shops
  • Workshop closed for the first time. There was nobody to produce for because the hotels, restaurants, shops, fairs, bazaars and festivals… everything had been cancelled or closed…
  • Sewed masks literally with all our hands and feet
  • COVID arrived and changed all our plans, totally!
  • Actively set up our new quarters in Prague, Brno and Bratislava
  • Prepared out new spring/summer collection
  • Braced ourselves for fairs in Nitra, Prague, Berlin and Vienna


  • Our products are supplied to London, Madrid, New York
  • We participate in Christmas markets in Bratislava, Trnava and Košice
  • We have won a competitive tender in the object called Nádvorie in Trnava, opening our next shop in there
  • We have added upholstery to our offer
  • We have been granted the MODDOM Bratislava 2019 Furniture Trade Show Award
  • We design and sew our new autumn/winter/Christmas collection
  • RWe have added covering fabrics to our offer
  • We sew linen and cotton bags
  • We have added the possibility of purchasing metreage to our offer
  • We have enlarged our linen collection
  • We have been granted the GRAN PRIX MOBITEX BRNO 2019 Furniture Trade Show Award
  • We attend trade shows in Nitra, Bratislava, Brno, Prague
  • We have a lot of ideas, inspiration, challenges and love… endeavouring to be as close to you as possible
  • We design and sew our new spring/summer collection
  • We are moving to new and fresh-smelling premises


  • We are starting to feel tight in our workshop
  • We design and make a new autumn/winter collection
  • We are pushing our way to foreign markets: Austria, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, etc.
  • Our products are sold in Bratislava, Košice, Trnava, Donovaly, etc.
  • We tailor, and custom make our products
  • We are on instagram.
  • We attend trade shows in Nitra, Bratislava, Prague
  • We attract also corporate clientele
  • We are growing and opening our new bigger showroom in Galanta


  • We design and make our new autumn/winter collection
  • We are on facebook
  • The LOCALHAND Brand has liven up
  • We present our products at traditional fairs across the whole home country
  • We are opening our eshop
  • We are producing the goods for our shop in Galanta
  • We have been granted the statute of sheltered workshop


  • We are opening our own tailor’s workshop
  • We put an emphasis on pleasant quality natural materials
  • We create our own design and build up our first collections


  • We are opening a retail shop in Galanta